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If the 2015 election has shown anything, it’s that Speaking Your Brains on social media has very little influence on anything. At best, it helps you connect with like-minded people. At worst, it helps you connect with like-minded people. We all echo each other and share things that support our existing views, and feel comforted that we’re not in a minority, and from within the smugness of the bubble we lazily dismiss other views as stupid or malicious.

So the irony of starting a blog and Twitter account in reaction to the 2015 election is not lost on me.

But I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot to say in the next five years and I don’t have a ready outlet for it. My mixture of left-wing sympathies and free market economics already sit awkwardly together. My varied experiences as an accountant in public and private sector organisations, in large and small entities, encourages me to consider issues from various perspectives and despite a tribal Labour background I get very irritated by glib assumptions, simplistic slogans and hysterical tribalism.

So the point of this blog is to explore various issues and attempt to understand and explain other perspectives, particularly when it comes to economics, tax, business, employment, banks etc – stuff that I deal with in my day job. But I can’t promise it won’t descend into a rant.


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